Positively Celebrity


“The 'new me' has Heather Funk at Beauty Call LA on call. The name of her company does not lie! I shot her an email and I was so relieved when I got her reply. First of all, Heather knows my skin type and texture.  Treatment is great for acne or if you have a special event coming up. It leaves you glowing for 10-14 days! She was totally right — I had the kind of glow that people admired for weeks. Heather calls it the “vacation facial” because it leaves you looking rested with a sun-kissed glow. You can also add a light to moderate topical peel for more lightening, tightening, and brightening — yes please! You can be sure Heather will choose the appropriate peel for the results that YOU desire. I got special treatment for my skin type — a light peel that didn’t make my whole face peel off in a dramatic way! Just a gentle flake for a few days and a glow for two weeks!”