“Heather Nicole Skincare is THE BEST. I hesitate to mention it, at the risk of not being able to get an appointment ever again, but I’ve been going to Heather for facials for a year now, and, uh, mother is looking good.
Heather is very passionate about skincare, so she employs all the latest gadgets, but she’s also an innovator herself. She really pulls out all the stops! And, she doesn’t charge as much as the “name” skincare places, even though she delivers the same, or better, results.
Her business is centrally located in a really chill, charming courtyard building just off of Olympic. It’s set back from the street and is very quiet and relaxing. I can’t recommend Heather and her treatments highly enough. (And, she has the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen at the moment. Her name is Fancy and she is the cure for what ails you.)”
– Megan Mullally, actress.

“I’ve bad breakouts & skin problems since I was a kid and as I started being in front of cameras more & more, it really took a toll on my confidence. My makeup artist told me about Heather & I thought I’d give it a try. For the first time, I felt like I found someone who could really help me based on my specific skin type, and not just give me what they use on everyone else. Heather is so calm and caring, and I always leave feeling extremely relaxed with baby soft skin.”                        Tori Kelly, Singer, songwriter, record producer and actress.

“Heather Funk gives 110% of her attention and her skill to you. I walk in one person and I walk out a different one…a better one and a younger looking one!”
– Barbara Barry, Internationally Renowned Interior Designer and Entrepreneur.

“Heathers place is Beautiful, clean, calm and a warm atmosphere.”

“Hands down the best facial I have had. Heather is tuned in to your needs and had the perfect balance of talking to you and letting you zone out. And my skin looked amazing. And kept getting better in the week after the facial.”                                                                                                                                                         – Heba T. Motion picture make-up artist

“My fave skin lady, Heather, is amazing at her craft. After I started going to her for various skin maintenance & anti-aging treatments, people (strangers) actually took notice & fed compliments on how great my skin looked. One woman said I looked radiant- ‘your skin has such a healthy glow to it…’ – this was precisely one of my complaints to Heather (my skin felt dull & tired looking to me). Three weeks later- my skin is beaming beautifully:). I think it’s all in her holistic approach to skincare and the natural/organic products she has me using now. Also I give creds to that micro-needle derma-roller device paired with a ‘secret’ skin hydrating serum (my lips are sealed;) AND the sensitive skin formulated organic vitamin A serum. Love also the body contouring treatment that gives skin noticably better tone by tightening, lifting & firming any ‘problem’ areas.”
– Taryn E.

“I went to see Heather after suffering with skin problems for many years. After one session, my skin felt and looked amazing for days! She recommended products for my specific issues, and my skin has never looked better! I moved out of state, and I still go to see her when I’m in town and I even order products from her, because I know I can trust her recommendations! Heather stays up to date on current trends and technology and even sends out informative emails with advice to make sure her clients stay informed. She’s gives amazing facials and I would recommend her to anyone, any skin type! She also does custom air brush tanning – truly a one stop shop for all of your beauty needs!”
 – Heather L.

“Heather is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. She is a long-standing professional in the field of skincare. She knows that most products have chemicals that our bad for our health and she steers you in the right direction of what products should be used for beauty AND health. I’m ready for my next body scrub!”
– Patricia M.

“I have been going to Heather now for a good 2 years and without a doubt I will not be leaving anytime soon. It is not easy finding a esthetician as a guy that you are completely comfortable with and trust that they are doing the right treatments that a guy needs. I leave every time feeling like she just gave me a “new face” and the results last for a long time. Heather is beyond professional in every aspect and creates a very relaxing vibe every time I stop by, which by the way is about every week!!!
I can’t say enough about Heather Nicole, except that I have been to the best of the best and I can say today nothing has compared to the service Heather and her staff provide, thank you for everything and my face thanks you every week!!!”

– Derek Feniger, Entrepreneur

“Heather has been keeping my skin clear of acne and wrinkles for 5 years. People notice. Heather keeps on top of the latest in in technology and science on skin. No matter what the skin problem, ask. Heather has a solution including for broken capillaries and old blemishes. The micro current and the oxygen facials are my favorite. She does deep pour cleansing as well so you can have the best skin you have ever had.”
– Keaton A.

“I had a series of 10 microcurrent facials with Heather – she gave me a great rate, and the results were truly amazing! My friends kept asking, “Wow what did you do to your face?” Two of them asked for Heather’s number. The biggest compliment came from my husband of 22 years, who looked at me and said “hmmm is that a new dress?”….Some of you ladies will understand! This is amazing, caring and very professional service with great results at a more-than-reasonable price. Plus, you get to meet Bentley.”
– Victoria L.