My no filter make-up free selfie!

Hello Gorgeous! So many people ask me all the time “Are you wearing makeup?”. I don’t like to wear make up much, or at work, because I want people to see the benefits of the services I offer; So I decided to share my bare naked face with the world.  This does take work, it’s like going to the gym. Having a routine is very important. Skin care at its best should be pure nutrients just like taking vitamins. Many products contain synthetic ingredients which can cause a dull complexion. I use organic Bio-Medical products and High tech equipment, along with top of the line at home tools and treatments. Most of my skin care is done at home, because after a long day of work I can’t even possibly think about giving myself a treatment.  If you want more tips to beautiful skin, Follow my blog, I will be posting more often. Also if you are on Facebook be sure to follow my informative posts on all things related to health and beauty…  Have a beautiful day, Let the light shine within you! ~HN

No Make-up No Filter

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