Cheers to H20!


To make sure your drinking enough water to hydrate your skin and organs do this simple equation.

Multiple your body weight by .66 to give you the ounces you should be drinking each day.
For example: 125lbs x .66 = 80 oz or 10 glasses

This really helps your body flush out toxins and waste promoting clearer healthier skin! Drink up, cheers to H2O!

What Is Your Skin Telling You?


Your skin is an incredibly useful indicator in understanding what is internally happening with your body.  If your skin is acting up in specific areas, then it is a good indication there is a specific area in your body that needs to be looked at with great care.  Take a look at the “face map” to see where you can improve your body’s health!

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True Results from the PICO Toner

Take a look at the outstanding results and a testimonial from a NeurotriS PICO Toner user.  It’s absolutely amazing the difference in her wellness and confidence!


Where do I begin in telling you the difference that Microcurrent has made in my life…no more headaches, no more sinus issues, no more pain in my jawline…I can smile and laugh again without my face hurting.! This is just a few things that microcurrent has done for me. Not only has it stopped all of the above it has rejuvenated everything about me. I feel as if I have gotten into a time capsule and return back to 25 years old mentally and physically. Before, microcurrent I had just decided to live with the pain as expense trips to the doctors lead to nothing but dead ends. I started microcurrent feeling like I was 90 going on 50, thinking maybe even if I didn’t feel better at least I could look better…and wow what a surprise that I received. Not only do I look younger, my vision has gotten better and all the ailments that I had prior seem to be a nightmare that I no longer am bothered with. I have gotten my smile back and it has even healed previous nerve damage from a surgery! I am wowed with the Professional Neurotris machine and the Pico Toner gloves, I am experiencing such a difference as I feel as if I have lost years off my age! Results are noticeable during the treatment and immediately afterwards! I look back on photos of myself when I started and my face looked just like I felt…tired and worn out….Now instead of people saying “you look so tired” it’s “Wow…your face looks so beautiful” There are really no words to describe the difference in me….however, it does shows on my face, now I am going to start using the Pico Toner gloves on my body! I just want to personally thank the creator of this machine and gloves…it has made such a major difference in my life…I feel pretty, young and alive again!!!!!!! I would like to shake your hand and say “thank you, thank you and thank you again and again!” …. Sandi Wike

Sandi Wike
Pico Toner Customer

Beauty Call Basics to Healthier Skin


As a top rated LA based Medical Esthetician, I have over 11 years of experience. I have taken countless classes and worked in Medi Spas, Resort Spas and Plastic surgery centers. With my expansive knowledge in skin care and cutting edge technology I am here to ensure you make the right Beauty Call.

So let’s start with my Beauty Call Basics….

#1. HYDRATE :: The first and most important thing for the health of your skin is H2O. Our skin is our largest organ so it’s important we drink the amount we need for our skin. You can take your body weight and times it by .66 to give you exactly how many ounces you need for your body. This ensures you’re flushing out problem causing toxins and helps keep the skin decongested. If your skin is drinking up your moisturizer, then your’e probably dehydrated from the inside.

#2. EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE!!! ::  We shed thousands of skin cells every day. It’s so important to stimulate and help the renewal process of your skin. The more you exfoliate the faster you generate new skin with less damage. I use DNA Medi Clear Cleansing Pads (Mention this article during your visit, and receive 10% off on DNA Medi Clear!). They are gentle yet very effective for all skin types. For those of you that need beauty on a budget, try using your towel right out of the shower and buff till its slightly pink. If you have breakouts be sure to wash your face right after.

#3. PROTECT ::  Depending on age and skin type, you need to choose products that address your skin’s needs. Vitamin A & C are essential in any skin care regime. A is more healing than E and increases cell turnover for optimal anti aging while C helps to strengthen capillaries, detox free radicals, lighten pigmentation and promote collagen. It also helps to defend against the sun. Don’t forget about SPF! The sun oxides your skin accelerating the aging process & can cause pigmentation that wont show up for years down the road.

Hope this help you understand the basic maintaince of your skin. Stay tuned for all my tips and tricks of the trade.


Heather Funk is a licensed, insured Esthetician in California & Nevada offering over a decade of experience at luxurious Resort Spas, Medical Spas and Plastic Surgery offices all over southern California. Her profound understanding of cutting edge medical technologies, commitment to organic products, and deeply nourishing touch will leave you positively glowing, wrinkle-free, and transformed. No gimmicks just real skin care.

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